Month: February 2014

pressing my way…

Robert Randolph and the Family Band, freaking excellent! 


lucky us…

Dallas, TX 02.23.2014





The Naughty Corner of Social Niceties

After my mum died, I dedicated myself to gardening. I cleared a huge amount of space, resulting in four fairly massive garden beds. I wanted to grow vegetables.

I decided to prepare the beds using the “no weed” method that my mum and dad use. Basically, you dig up the soil, then cover it in layers of wet newspaper. It needs to be around 4-5 pages thick. Once you have the newspaper layer down, you cover it in mushroom compost or straw. Then you water it. The newspaper and the topping soak up all the water, meaning that whatever you plant doesn’t really get to dry out too much. The newspaper also means that weeds don’t grow.

I very clearly remember what was in the newspaper at that time: Schapelle Corby.

Page after page about this girl. Wetted down, and covered in compost. The irony didn’t escape me, that I…

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