Month: April 2014

hands clean

If I were dealing with a normal human being, closure would be possible.  Voldemort “my kids name for ex stepdad) does not have the functionality of a normal human, such as decency or having a conscience.  If I was the only one abandoned (he ran away from home without saying a word) by ex, I would surely be moving on at this point, but having to talk to councilors at my daughters school because she is crying/angry because of abandonment issues is just fucked.  Just when we have a few weeks of feeling some what normal, bullshit comes up.  She can not understand why a “person” would push SO hard to have a relationship with her and then disregard her existence.  How am I to answer that?  I have no idea, it’s not how rational people deal with problems.  Voldemort told me when he left that he was going to volunteer with underprivileged kids, lololol, as if he is qualified or could learn empathy.  

I just know that they are hurt and assume that relationships aren’t worth it anyway.  He always called them his kids, not step kids, he made a big fuss about not calling them step kids.  Talk about a giant mindfuck, bad for me and epic for two awesome kids that worked hard to accept this “person” for nothing, a very long con.  

I’m not surprised by Voldemort’s exit, it was his pattern, he was always one to bail and blame others when things got difficult with jobs, his family, etc.  So now we are the ones that were too much, just another verse in under rug swept…. but we will be fine.




Decisions considering myself.



Okay guys, confession time! I dropped off the radar. And no, I didn’t care enough to call. The irony of my website is now complete, and I’ve turned into that guy.

I went home to New York City for reasons both professional and personal, and was quite frankly just having too much fun to dwell on all our shitty exes. Actually, that’s not true. There’s been a lot of work done on TMXS behind the scenes in my absence. Things My Ex Said: The Cabaret goes up next month! And we’ve been planning our presence this summer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! And maybe I got laid. That’s a big enough deal to forget all responsibility and commitments for, like, a month, right?

And so, in the spirit of self-interest, I bring you this guy:

decisions considering myself

There you have it, folks! Took him five years to figure out he…

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