Month: May 2014

“Yaldabaoth Saklas I’m calling you..

a serpent with a lions head, fatherless, son of chaos. Did the wisdom become two? waist up and waist down? lateral? A repentent mother who gave light and then had it stolen by the space she made because she was an attention whore?
leontoeides, bad husband, bad mother, bad son, body of a serpent is my way down this rabbit hole. Living on a cloud, filled with envy thinking he is the creator himself, deciding what i am allowed to know. Sofia’s divine mistake, created the Archons to fuck with my head, rape eve and be arrogent enough to blame wisdom herself, basically.  it’s all downhill from here.



“and I heard AMEN!”

when southern religion goes wrong it sounds so damn good!  meaning when parents or whomever water boards Christianity upon a chid the end result can be wet alright.  Tori Amos, the Toadies, Joan Osbourne, the old Southern Blues make a dunk in the pond o’ baptism sound like hot sex and “dripping mangos.”  repressed sexuality and fear of eternal damnation has given me some damn good, cumming out of my eyeballs, sonic climaxes that are better then the act of sex itself.  It’s like God’s hand, or the Goddesses, unzipping the flesh off these bones and leaving me wide open to soak up all that good sexy evil…

this horizontal line….wow