Month: July 2014

Things My Ex Said: The Cabaret

i want to flood your inbox with stupid stupid things a la ex!!!


Part 1 of the Things My Ex Said: the Cabaret is here! For the next few posts, we’ll be taking a break in our regular programming to upload highlights from the production. Here’s the first one!

Performed May 16, 2014 in the Grand Ballroom at Sloan’s, Glasgow. Produced by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Heather Gault
Thomas Putman
Suzanne Boreel
Curtis Brown
Cassie Muise

Music Direction and Arrangement by Douglas Price
Script by Heather Gault and the Contributors to

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i dropped my coffee”
Trust T. coffee isn’t as heavy and I don’t have to give it up.
i thank the old god and the new..the lord of light(eh)…and the Viper, may he RIP.

You’re a car girl, you’re a star girl, you are at the door
The tide will turn, ….You even yidiedididi..aww to bad that weight=cement shoes,
CUZ There’s a window.
(T)Starling, now I am shut out and confined it may be your turn to shine
hey what’s that you say “You can find him online most of the time these days”
“Is that right?” (T)
hope that diamond is sharper that that DULL TOOL…