I’m gonna twist your head off, see..

til you say “don’t you wish you never never never met her”…ha.

already do, eh.. i don’t mind too much anymore, but pretty soon you will be. cuz it’s runnin in the family.  Mother Mary…

“i want you to be an independent, woman.”  Really? Who can’t be independent? mmmmm,

I’m in a new place with my much happier kids, a good job, and a pretty BMW.  On my own, like without you/or any other little boy.  I sleep without meds and the best part is that there are no eggshells all over the floor.

And I don’t have to pretend we never happened, cuz I’m not a giant chicken shit.



  1. Be grateful you did not procreate with RLG. He told me all I wanted to hear, and we had a child. Then, when that birth took its toll on me, he abandoned me under the guise of protecting the child. Used me for my womb then left me broke and alone without my son. And now I have bad credit, too. This ruined my life. So, I’d have to admit that you’re the lucky one. At least you have your children. I am totally, endlessly fucked. So…thank your God and move on. Good luck from another victim.

  2. lolololololololololollollololl,,,i just got our divorce papers in my hand 3 days ago, i didn’t realize I had a son!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahah..ron is a coward…keep on running, your just like your daddy.

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