I knew a boy

“and i don’t know what to do with my hands now..”



“And miles and miles of regrets,
it hasn’t happened,
and it won’t happen yet,
and days and days of perfect sex,
and bad TV,
oh, I just try to forget.”

Snapshot of Regret
by me

Right now I play the song three times over
right now I pretend that we never really started this at all
right now I ignore those unwatched episodes sitting there waiting
and right now I think if I’d never met you I’d never know

the way the ocean stings at three in the morning
and the way it feels to trace the letters of your name on your naked skin

Last time we swore the word forever (do you remember)
like a curse word
an expletive
a pinky-swear promise

Last time we teased songs from a pawn shop guitar
like we were each other’s muse
a linked up one turned two times magic
with harmonies coming…

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